Thursday, February 3, 2011

God looks at you for YOU!

I had a difficult time thinking of what to write about today, but last night at church we went over the movie Chronicles of Narnia. (the new one), and we was discussing all the different kinds of symbolism in the movie. The one that hit me the most was when Lucy(the youngest sister) trys to be her older sister Susan, and then when she is "dreaming" Aslan comes to her and basically tells her that he created her the way that he wanted her.

God sees us as ourselves. The way he made us is perfect as each individual. He made you to be you, not anybody else. Don't try to be other people. I had very hard time with this. My sisters are beautiful! and i always and still to this day want to be like them, but i know that i don't need to be. If you see people with better clothes than you, or their hair is better don't sweat it!  God sees you as beautiful no matter what you look like! Be YOU!
God Bless!

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